Hugh Thyer

Lead generation and conversion specialist


Hugh Thyer

Hugh Thyer, Co-Founder and Director of The Marketing Engine Room

Hugh Thyer is a leading direct response copywriter and marketing strategist.

 From his base in Geelong, Hugh works with an impressive list of clients including some of Australia’s most respected direct response companies.

 Hugh has worked successfully in a wide range of industries including finance, business development, health and business consultancy.

  In 2012 Hugh co-founded The Marketing Engine Room with Andy Fenton to help advisors grow quickly despite changes in the Australian Financial Planning industry. 

 As well as being a talented and dedicated copywriter and strategies, Hugh has an incredible discipline honed from years of distance running.

 A student of some of the world’s leading copywriters and marketing strategiests, Hugh also has undergraduate qualifications in IT and an MBA in Strategy and Planning from Deakin University.

 With a flair for business, Hugh puts his skills to work developing other businesses outside The Marketing Engine Room and direct response copywriting.

To contact Hugh about copywriting and marketing strategy, go to

To contact Hugh about The Marketing Engine Room for financial planners, accountants and mortgage brokers go to

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